Speculo Lathe-Cut Record (SOLD OUT)

Speculo Lathe-Cut Record (SOLD OUT)


20 clear 7’ Lathe-Cut Records of ‘SPECULO’ (1st run)

As we dwell into more experimental material, ‘SPECULO’ is a short collection of heavy//high frequencies. The LOVETONES genre stays strong throughout, as the waves flow from gracious to aggressive, back to another world. The gates continue to open as we move forward, and more love is being curated for you all.

records by PetraFi Records

artwork by Indiglaeux

promotional photos by Kyle Seagraves

* digital will be provided to all emails after physical purchase *


thank you everyone for supporting me & making this happen! big ups to my family, Tone, Indi, PetraFi, Kyle, Fatblood, TheFreqShow, New Jersey, the world +++

sold out
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